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Yestermap is an interactive world map to which anyone can add markers for locations they consider historically significant.
A marker can be anything from an infamous battle to a monument, archaeological survey, place of birth, execution or a record breaking achievement.
We also welcome markers for locations of cultural significance, such as rallies, speeches, concerts, famous recordings and filming locations.
Markers are grouped into themed datasets. The scope of such a dataset can range from local history to events that impacted the world on a global scale.
Datasets can easily be shared with others, making them ideal for educational purposes or to be part of a guided tour around local landmarks.
Make your marker more appealing by including text, images and YouTube videos. If you're a premium member you can even create your own virtual tour of historical sites.
Sign up for free to Yestermap to contribute to our atlas of world history. To get access to additional interactive features, you can subscribe to one of our three plans.
Premium members get access to the daily visitor statistics of their datasets and markers, multilangual support and are offered additional tools for search engine optimization.